Sustainability Learning Community

Introducing a new way to engage with fellow WiT members on the issue of sustainability. The Sustainability Learning Community, will address issues and concerns surrounding packaging, materials, transport, energy, durability, and more.

What's the Sustainability Learning Community (SLC) about?

The SLC is a global virtual meetup for people working on - or wanting to work on - making toys more sustainable. Ask any question; offer what you know; make a plan together to take action if you want. Success is sustainability-curious toy people knowing each other, learning together, and ultimately improving our industry. We meet 1x/month, on the last Thursday of the month.

How does a Learning Community work?

Before each meeting, we check in with what the group wants through Polly. We take the top topics that you all suggest and vote on between meetings (more on that below), and break into groups to discuss. There’s no set agenda or questions – each group is a place to organically learn, ask questions, discuss ideas, share recent readings, etc. You can stay in one topic the whole time, or switch from topic to topic. To keep track of our big ideas and action steps, we take notes on Jamboard.

What am I responsible for?

Showing up with an open mind, preparing to listen and learn. The SLC hosts a wide range of people doing sustainability work – whether they are technical materials experts, or newer people to the field looking to become sustainability champions in their current roles. The more active the community is in speaking up about what you want to discuss, the better things will be. Between meetings use Polly to suggest and vote on topics you want to discuss in the next meetup. During meetings use Jamboard to take notes and create action plans.

If I register for one monthly meetup, do I have to register for the rest?

Nope! Once you register for one meetup, you will get recurring invites added to your calendar. Easy peasy.

How do I use Polly and Jamboard?

Polly - This is your community! What topics would you like to discuss and/or learn more about? @ pollly We recommend checking Polly between meetings to add your thoughts and vote on new topics

  1. Click on the link
  2. Enter your name (adding your own photo is optional!)
  3. To vote on a topic you’re interested in – click the heart at the right side of the topic
  4. To submit a topic you’re interested in – type your topic in the “Add Suggestion” line above all the topics, then click the “+” sign to the right

Jamboard - Sustainability Learning Community 2022 - Google Jamboard

  1. Click on the link
  2. During the breakout group, designate a person to take notes
  3. After the meeting, that person can clean up the Jamboard, adding new boards as the topic grows

Want to see what we’ve been up to?

Check out our meeting recaps here!

To stay in the loop on new things, join us on WiT Slack #sustainability channel here!


Sustainability Learning Community Leads

Paola Dyboski-Bryant
Dr Zigs Dr. Zigs
Sharon Keilthy
Founder and CEO Jiminy Eco Toys
Vanessa Raponi
Product Development Engineer / Sustainable Materials Lead Spin Master
Shelby Iapoce-Lintz
Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Manager Hasbro Inc.
Sonia Sanchez
Founder Impact & Sustainability Consultancy